Shindaiwa's most powerful blower for the biggest jobs.

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With its 79.9 cm3 engine the EB810 generates an incredible maximum airflow of up to 1819 m3 /h at a force of 44.4N, making it the most powerful blower on the market. Built for the biggest commercial jobs where the extra power will markedly increase your productivity. The EB810 is not just about power, features for comfort include a fan intake that circulates air around the operator's back for cooling (this function can be prevented during colder weather), a heavy duty air filter that protecting the engine from dust and debris in the harshest conditions and a light weight carbon fiber frame.

Features for comfort.

Features for comfort.

5 spring anti vibration technology, a ventilated back pad, heavy duty air filter and a cruise control capable throttle make the job fast and comfortable.

Ultimate productivity.

Ultimate productivity.

With the world's most powerful blower strapped to your back you'll get jobs done faster.

Built to last.

Built to last.

The Shindaiwa EB810 is manufactured in Japan to the highest possible standards and built for daily commercial application.

Best Features.


Features one of Shindaiwa’s most powerful engines.

Low vibration

Vibration reduced by Shindaiwa anti-vibe technology.

Ease of use

Power on and get to work. Intuitive controls and features make your job a breeze.

Product Details.

Engine displacement (cm³) 79.9
Output (kw) 4.2
Output (ps) 5.7
Dry Weight (kg) 12.0
Fuel tank capacity (l) 2.56
Fuel Consumption At Maximum Engine Power (L/h) 2.18
Blowing Air Force(N) 44.4
Air Volume (m³/h) 1819
Max Air Speed (m/sec) 94.5
Nozzle Type Round Straight
Vibration Levels (m/s²) (Nozzle TypeA/Nozzle TypeB/Nozzle TypeA:Rear Handle) 2.4
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 106.6
Sound power level (dB(A)) 114.3
CO² (g/kW・h) 1 633
This CO² measurement results from testing a (parent) engine representative of the engine type (engine family) over a fixed test cycle under laboratory conditions and does not imply or express any guarantee of the performance of a particular engine.