Based on the revolutionary 251Ts it's our lightest, most maneuverable rear handle chain saw.


Weighing as little as 2.6kg with a power output of 1.11kW, in terms of power to weight ratio, no other chainsaw can compete. Keeping the same ergonomics and benefits of the 251Ts (top handle) in a new, rear-handle form. Its ultra compact size and precision make it ideal for trimming, pruning, wood carving and off-ground work.

Product Details.

Engine displacement (cm³) 25.0
Output (kw) 1.1
Output (ps) 1.5
Dry Weight (kg) 2.6
Fuel tank capacity (l) 0.190
Saw Chain Pitch (inch) 20 25:1/4 30:3/8
Fuel Consumption At Maximum Engine Power (L/h) 0