Powerful professional petrol chain saw with Japanese construction.


Packed with power and features. The professional grade 45.1cc engine outputs at an incredible 2.26Kw whilst the unit weighs just 4.6kg. Shindaiwa's patented Soft Start ensures effortless starting and G-force engine air pre-cleaner keeps the engine free from dust and debris, massively reducing the need for maintenance.

Professional engine

Professional engine

Featuring a 45.0cc professsional grade engine that has been built to the hihest ssnrards.

Compact, ergonomic design

Compact, ergonomic design

Shindaiwa chain saws are all designed to the same professional standard, with no exceptions. Hard working, high quality with renowned Japanese build standards.



Shindaiwa chain saws are built wit renowned Japanese standards for professionals who rely on their tools day in and day out. This means our tools are easy to use, ergonomic, lightweight and powerful.

Best Features.


Super light-weight design with exceptional power.


Designed to maximise efficiency and comfort.

Ease of Use

Power on and get the job done. Intuitive controls and features make your job a breeze.

Product Details.

Engine displacement (cm³) 45.1
Output (kw) 2.26
Output (ps) 3.07
Dry Weight (kg) 4.6
Fuel tank capacity (ml) 540
Chain Oil Tank Capacity (ml) 0
Fuel Consumption At Maximum Engine Power (L/h) 1.47
Priming Pump -
Ignition System CDI
Start Assist System Soft start
Chain Brake Inertia
Choke w/ Automatic Fast Idle Release Yes
Chain Tensioner Front
Saw Chain Pitch (inch) 5.25
Guide Bar Gauge (inch) 0,058
Applicable Bar Length (cm/inch) 1 33, 38, 40, 43, 45 / 13, 15, 16, 17, 18
Not all lengths available in every country. Check with your local dealer.