High torque, anti vibration and easy starting professional loop handle brushcutter with Shindaiwa's renowned build quality.


Fine tuned to make your job as easy as possible. Start your tool with ease and cut with precision. With a huge professional grade 41.5cm³ engine and weighing just 8kg the T410TS has exceptional power to weight ratio. Features like SoftStart, Digital CDI and a heavy duty air filter mean downtime is massively reduced. Get the job done faster with more power and more comfort.

Professional engine.

Professional engine.

With a 41.5cm³ engine the T4140TS is one of Shindaiwa's most powerful brushcutters.

High torque.

High torque.

When the brush gets thick or the grass long, the high torque gear case adjusts speed and force for optimal trimming. Meaning you can power through effortlessly.



Every aspect has been finely tuned to make your job as efforltess and fast as possible; lightweight and balanced with controls where you need them.

Best Features.

Easy Start Engine

Shindaiwa’s patented system for effortless starting.


Features one of Shindaiwa’s most powerful engines.

Ease of Use

Power on and get the job done. Intuitive controls and features make your job a breeze.

Product Details.

Engine displacement (cm³) 41.5
Output (kw) 2.18
Output (ps) 2.42
Dry Weight (kg) 8
Fuel tank capacity (l) 0.69
Fuel Consumption At Maximum Engine Power (L/h) 1.05
Carburettor Diaphragm
Start Assist System Soft start
Drive shaft type Solid shaft
Drive shaft diameter (mm) 8.0
Gear reduction ratio 2,08
Standardised Nylon Head B6 M10L
Standardised Nylon Head (Item Number) X047-001190
Vibration Left handle/Right handle (m/s) Nylon head 2.3 / 3.7
Sound power level (dB(A)) Blade/Nylon head - / 110.6
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) Blade/Nylon head - / 97.6
CO² (g/kW・h) 1 952
This CO² measurement results from testing a (parent) engine representative of the engine type (engine family) over a fixed test cycle under laboratory conditions and does not imply or express any guarantee of the performance of a particular engine.

Other Features.

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