Industrial quality diesel welder with 200Amps of power.

Manual Brochure

Compact and lightweight diesel welder/generator. Extremely quiet (61dB(A)/50Hz). 200 Amps of raw power are generated by the two cylinder engine as well as 4.8kVA Auxiliary power. Ute mounting frame for vehicles and wheels for workshop use.

Product Details.

Dry Weight (kg) 212
Fuel tank capacity (l) 15.000
Welding Generator Rated Speed (min-1) 3000.00
Welding Generator rated voltage (V) 26.80
Welding Generator current adj range (A) 60-180
Welding Generator rated current (A) 170.00
engine rated output (kW/min-1) 7.8 [10.6]
engine displacement (L) 0.48
Welding Generator no load volatge (OCV) (V) MAX80
Welding Generator duty cycle (%) 50.00
Welding Generator welding rod capacity (mm) 2.0-4.0