Manual Brochure

Ideal unit especially for pipe line, construction site, and civil engineering. Dual mode delivers 180/200A at 100% duty cycle. Rated frequency is set 50/60Hz, and delivers 3.3/3.5kVA. Rated voltage in single phase is 110/115V.

Product Details.

Dry Weight (kg) 453
Fuel tank capacity (l) 37.000
Welding Generator Rated Speed (min-1) 3000.00
Welding Generator rated voltage (V) 34.80
Welding Generator current adj range (A) 95-390
Welding Generator rated current (A) 370.00
engine rated output (kW/min-1) 15.0/3000
engine displacement (L) 0.90
Welding Generator no load volatge (OCV) (V) MAX85
Welding Generator duty cycle (%) 60.00