Manual Brochure

Tough and reliable even in a harsh condition. Highly efficient simultaneous dual welding /dual gouging/dual wire feeder operation. Cellulose, low-hydrogen and many other electrodes are applicable.

Product Details.

dry weight (kg) 613.00
fuel tank capacity (l) 63.00
Welding Generator Rated Speed (min-1) 3000.00
Welding Generator rated voltage (V) 39.20
Welding Generator current adj range (A) 60-500
Welding Generator rated current (A) 480.00
engine rated output (kW/min-1) 24.5/3000
engine displacement (L) 1.50
AC generator rated frequency (hz) 50
Welding Generator no load volatge (OCV) (V) MAX85
AC generator rated speed (min-1) 3000.00
Welding Generator duty cycle (%) 60.00
Welding Generator gouging rod size (mm) 3.2-9.5
Welding Generator welding rod capacity (mm) 2.6-8.0